Royal Investitures

We, BCA, are the official producers of personalised films and photographs for Investiture ceremonies held at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
Our bespoke productions make it possible for every Recipient to have a unique personalised video, and photographs, from one of the most important days of your lives.

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The following components make up the packages available to Recipients:

1. Personalised ‘Path of Honour’ film (click to expand/contract)

A fully personalised Path of Honour film with all the footage of the Recipient, and their guests, filmed throughout the morning of the Investiture, (supplied either on DVD or via an online streaming service).
Our Path of Honour film is only available to Recipients and begins with a ‘behind the scenes’ look at the meticulous preparations for an Investiture ceremony. You and your guests are filmed at various areas throughout the Royal residence. For example, at Buckingham Palace it includes the briefings of Recipients in the Green Drawing Room and the Picture Gallery. Guests are filmed entering the Ballroom via the Grand Staircase and East Gallery, and as a Gentleman Usher carries out the briefing in the Ballroom.

We capture the scene as Recipients gather together and are briefed by the Comptroller, the Lord Chamberlain’s Office, before being led through to the Ballroom, where your Investiture is discreetly captured by a further six remotely controlled cameras. Subsequently, in our studios, your Investiture sequence is individually edited, together with your name and citation, as announced by the Lord Chamberlain. This, along with shots of you and your guests leaving together, completes the thirty minute film “Path of Honour” providing a unique record of your own Investiture day.
Individually crafted “Path of Honour” films are dispatched, or uploaded ready for streaming, four to six weeks after the investiture.

2. My Investiture (click to expand/contract)

A shorter video highlighting the moment you receive your award. Available to view online, this streamed video includes multi-camera coverage of the Recipient’s Investiture only, filmed from around the Dais. We aim to upload the “My Investiture” video within a few days of each investiture.

3. Photographs (click to expand/contract)

A number of selected photographs taken at the time of your Investiture. Our photographs show highlights as your award is presented, similar to those seen throughout this website. Additional photographs are available in a variety of sizes when re-ordering only. Further details can be obtained from the re-order form that you will receive with your package, or earlier via the online galley, once you have received access details.

4. The ‘Investitures’ Booklet (click to expand/contract)

A specially commissioned booklet originally written by Henry Farrar in association with the Lord Chamberlain’s Office and the Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood. This booklet explains the various honours, their history and modern day usage.

5. Social Media Image (click to expand/contract)

Via our online gallery you are able to select, purchase and download Social Media Images. We endeavour to make these images available within 24 hours of your investiture. These images are the same as those described in the Photographs section above but in digital format (Download terms and conditions of use apply.)

6. Non-Personalised DVD (click to expand/contract)

A non-personalised version of the Path of Honour film. This version contains general footage filmed on the day of the Investiture. It is not personalised and does not contain footage specific to any particular recipient or their guests.

To view and purchase photographs of your Investiture, please visit our Investiture Photograph Galleries.

Further Information

If you are interested in how we are able to provide Recipients with this service please read How We Do It.

Framed Investiture Photographs

We are able to supply re-orders of photographs in a variety of frames for 10″x 8″, 8″ x 6″, 7″ x 5″* or 6″ x 4″* print sizes, examples of which can be seen below:
(The frame sizes are 12”x 10”, 10” x 8”, 8″ x 6″ and 7″ x 5″ respectively.)

* frames for 7″ x 5″ and 6″ x 4″ print sizes are special order and not currently available online.

The orientation, i.e. portrait or landscape, will be dictated by the image chosen at the time of ordering.