Our aim at BCA is to present clients with a ‘complete solution’ to all their ideas and needs, yet keep the process as straightforward and affordable as possible. With a comprehensive selection of Digital & High Definition shooting kits, together with the latest post-production facilities, our friendly and experienced team can accommodate for any production. We offer a range of production and post-production facilities, either for dry hire or with an experienced crew.

Our corporate video service ensures that every video production is ‘tailor-made’ to provide our clients with a unique mix of creative skills so your corporate video will be a dynamic, interesting and intelligent product.


Prior to starting your project, it is vital that we understand your needs. We’ll spend time with you and listen in order to obtain the relevant information before moving on to script writing and storyboarding. We use this process to decide on aspects like talent, locations, the necessary sound and shooting kits along with the final delivery format. This enables us to work out where your budget is best used.

Shooting Kit

Our video cameras are broadcast quality and we use also use full frame sensor Canon DSLRs.
Our options for sound range from a single wired boom mic to multiple radio mics for situations that need more descreet microphone placement.
We use a variety of lighting kits including LED light panels, Diva-lite 400, Starlites with Chimera, Dedolights and onboard LED camera lights. All our kit is maintained and prepared to the highest standard.


We have five Final Cut Pro edit suites with excellent and competitively priced in-house editors. We can complete both short and long-form projects from start to finish, whatever the budget.

BCA Crews

BCA crews are experienced in a range of productions from feature films to television documentaries. We also have a strong base of accomplished colleagues, and by drawing from this talented pool we are able to provide full production crews for almost any production.
CVs available on request.