How We Do It

Investiture ceremonies are carried out with great precision and perfect stage management – yet they remain an unparalleled combination of charm, informality and style. To maintain this delicate balance, the precise way in which the Investitures are recorded is of great importance and is as unobtrusive as possible.

Before each Investiture, cameras are positioned in all the key areas where guests and recipients assemble and where they are briefed. For example, at Buckingham Palace, these locations include; the Grand Staircase, the Green Drawing Room, the Picture Gallery and the East Gallery. Another six cameras are in the Ballroom discreetly concentrating on the highlight of the Investiture. These robotic camera systems capture the recipients as they wait “in the wings” until they are announced, move forward and receive their award. Further footage is recorded of the recipients’ guests during the briefing and, as is the case at Buckingham Palace, when they are re-united with the recipient after the ceremony.

After the ceremony, back in our studios our editors start the personalised editing process by first identifying each recipient by name, recorded at the moment of the Investiture citation. From then on the editors can visually identify recipients in other captured areas during the mornings filming. This also enables editors to locate guests that accompanied each recipient, and when located will endeavour to include within the personalised film.

The Order Process

With each film individually personalised the editing of orders is a very time consuming process.
Great care and attention is taken on every order.
Our editors meticulously search through over 16 hours of footage recorded during each Investiture locating recipients and their guests. Individual orders can therefore take up to 6 weeks to process, edit and complete. In exceptional circumstances this can take as long as 6 weeks.

The status of our progress for orders from each Investiture can be seen in the top right column of this webpage.