I ordered a ‘Path of Honour’ film on VHS a few years ago. 
Is it possible to get a version on DVD now?

Yes. The standard DVD format we use is DVD-R, the industry standard and compatible with 99% of DVD players. If you know your own player is a DVD+R format, we can do that too, so please clearly mark this on your re-order form.

Can I order a film after my Investiture?

Yes. We endeavour to keep all footage indefinitely so you can place an order 
anytime in the future.

What is a Social Media Image? 

In short, these are digital versions of the photographs taken during investiture ceremonies.
All images taken of recipients, unless instructed otherwise, will be uploaded to an online gallery where they are made available to purchase at a resolution suitable for social media. Terms and conditions apply for both the purchase and use of these images.

Do you have any footage of Investitures prior to 1991?

No. The Queen gave permission for BCA to start filming the Investitures in February 1991. No cameras were previously allowed inside the Ballroom for the Investiture ceremonies.

Can I publish one of my images (prints)?

Very probably. However there are a couple of restrictions imposed by the Royal Household and all the images are copyright, so please contact us before publication.

Why do I need to submit a seating plan?

All recipients are given a seating plan at the ceremony after they have received their award. This aids our editors in locating and identifying the recipients’ guests in the video footage for inclusion in the personalised film. As guests are generally seated on a first come first seated basis, no one knows where they will be seated until the ceremony.

Why have I not received confirmation of my order?

Most recipients order the ‘Sovereign Collection’ and, a couple of days before the Investiture, we check their email address by sending a test email to ensure that on the day, the email address is correct. In so doing we are acknowledging receipt of the order. Should you wish us to acknowledge our receipt of your order straight away, please mark this clearly on your order form and this will be done.

I have sent in my order but my payment has not been presented?

We do not present credit cards or cheques for payment until a few days prior to dispatch of your order.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Orders can take up to 4-6 weeks to be processed.

Why does it take so long for our orders to be processed?

As each ‘Path of Honour’ film is unique to each Investiture day, it takes our senior editor a few days to digitise the 14 hours of tapes to begin creating the ‘master’ film for that day. Only then can our team of editors carry out the individual personalisation of each order. Over time we have found camera positions that enable both recipients and their guests to be filmed in key positions throughout the Palace. These cameras augment the six cameras surrounding The Queen and the recipient, filming the natural highlight of each recipient’s ceremony. It takes some hours for each editor to complete each order including selection and printing a set of digital stills.

Can you make videos/DVDs for playing in other countries?

We produce videos and DVDs on the PAL (UK) format as standard, but can convert to other formats if the product is to be shown overseas. For example, the USA and Canada work on the NTSC format, France and Greece work on the SECAM format. We can produce VHS videos on PAL, NTSC or SECAM and DVD videos on PAL and NTSC. If you are not sure what format a country uses, simply state the country it is for on the order form.

How much does postage and packaging cost?

We send our packages by Royal Mail recorded delivery to insure and guarantee delivery. Re-ordered photographs or individual DVDs are occasionally sent without recorded delivery, as we have found that these can be delivered through the postbox and saves any inconvenience to customers having to collect from the Post Office, should they not be in at time of delivery. The cost for this is £5.00 in the UK and £10.00 for overseas.

Who do I make cheques payable to?

Make cheques payable to British Ceremonial Arts Ltd -or- BCA Ltd