I ordered a ‘Path of Honour’ film on VHS many years ago. Is it possible to get a version on DVD or Digital now?

We can certainly produce a DVD/Digital version of your ‘Path of Honour’ film, which we do in-house. We re-edit the film from the original footage to preserve the image quality, and so there is no need to send us back your original tape. The cost for a re-edit onto DVD is currently £120.00 + £4.95 postage within the UK.

As an alternative, we can produce your ‘Path of Honour’ film so that you can watch it via streaming online (much like a video on YouTube, but is password protected). The details to access the video are sent to you via email, and the video will be available or 18 months. This also costs £120.00 to produce. If you then wish to download and keep the video as a video file, then this is an additional £34.50, which is recommended so that you have it forever.

If you wish to place an order, then please email us. We require the date of your Investiture and usual contact details.

Can I order a film after my Investiture?

Yes. We endeavour to keep all footage indefinitely so you can place an order 
anytime in the future.

What is a Social Media Image?

In short, these are digital versions of the photographs taken during Investiture ceremonies.
All images taken of recipients that have ordered a package from us, unless instructed otherwise, will be uploaded to an online gallery where they are made available to purchase at a resolution suitable for social media. Terms and conditions apply for both the purchase and use of these images.

Do you have any footage of Investitures prior to 1991?

No. The Queen gave permission for BCA to start filming the Investitures in February 1991. No cameras were previously allowed inside the Ballroom for the Investiture ceremonies.

Can I publish one of my images (prints)?

Probably. However there are restrictions imposed by the Royal Household and all the images are copyright, so please contact us before any non-personal usage.

I have sent in my order but my payment has not been presented?

In the case of paper orders sent to us through the post, payment is taken or presented at the time of entering information onto our database.

How long will it take for my order to be processed?

Orders can take up to four weeks to be processed.

Can you make videos/DVDs for playing in other countries?

We produce videos and DVDs on the PAL (UK) format as standard, but can convert to other formats if the product is to be shown overseas. For example, the USA and Canada work on the NTSC format, France and Greece work on the SECAM format. We can produce VHS videos on PAL, NTSC or SECAM and DVD videos on PAL and NTSC. If you are not sure what format a country uses, simply state the country it is for on the order form.

How much does postage and packaging cost?

We send our packages by Royal Mail recorded delivery to insure and guarantee delivery. Re-ordered photographs or individual DVDs are occasionally sent without recorded delivery, as we have found that these can be delivered through the postbox and saves any inconvenience to customers having to collect from the Post Office, should they not be in at time of delivery. The cost for this is £4.95 in the UK and £12.50 for Europe and RoW.

Who do I make cheques payable to?

It is preferable to use our online order form and make a payment online. If you do happen to contact us by telephone or email about an order we will use on online payment link that we email you so that you can make a secure payment directly that way. Although now not that common cheques can still be accepted in the post and should be made payable to British Ceremonial Arts Limited.