My Investiture – Streamed Online

As part of our “Investiture Highlights” or “Sovereign Collection Plus” packages, “My Investiture” is a short personalised video including material filmed on the day of your Investiture.
“My Investiture” contains multi-camera coverage, from around the dais, of you receiving your award from the member of the Royal family conducting the ceremony. It also includes a little background footage of preparations at the Palace, or Windsor Castle, and behind the scenes footage at the Central Chancery,

Once edited you will be sent a unique URL/Web address and passcode giving you, and anyone you share the URL and passcode with, access for a period of 18 months to view the video online. After the initial 18 month period, an option to extend the hosting or download the video will be made available for an additional fee.

Please note that this video does not feature guests, or any of the other personalised or date-specific sections that are included in the personalised “Path of Honour.”

We use Vimeo for hosting these videos to maximise compatibility as apps are available for Android, Apple devices, Windows Phone, Smart TVs to name a few, and both standard and mobile specific websites. For a full list of devices check out Vimeo Everywhere.
Minimum Operating system requirements