Attending an Investiture ceremony is a very special, and often unrepeated, experience. Each recipient is able to obtain a unique record of their own Investiture with our DVD and photograph packages, and can relive the event, including the moment when the award was presented. This also provides the opportunity to share the occasion with family and friends who were unable to attend.

Over the years we have updated our packages to reflect the both change in current technologies and our desire to provide Recipients with a convenient method of sharing this special occasion with family ad friends.

As of March 2019 these are the packages currently on offer:

The Sovereign Collection

This package is made up of the following components:
• 1 x Personalised ‘Path of Honour’ supplied on DVD or streamed online.
• 4 x 7″ x 5″ Photographs
• The Investitures – Booklet
• Access to the online photograph gallery

Investiture Highlights:

• 1 x “My Investiture” short (about 5 minutes) personalised video streamed online
• 4 x 7″ x 5″ photographs
• Access to the online photograph gallery

The Sovereign Collection Plus

• 1 x Sovereign Collection Packages (as above)
• ‘My Investiture’ – streamed online
• Access to the online photograph gallery

Non-Personalised DVD

• 1 x Path of Honour DVD (Non-Personalised)
• 1 x Photograph selected by our editors
• Access to the online photograph gallery

Additional Information.

As detailed on the order form that you will have received along with your invitation, once a package has been purchased, additional packages or component parts can be purchased at a discounted price at anytime in the future. While we may only supply four photographs in the packages we sell we typically take many more images of each recipient. For Recipients who have ordered a package form us, these are all available to view and purchase via the online gallery within a couple of working days of each investiture. Sizes range from 6″ x 4″ up to 10″ x 8″ and can are available as standard colour prints offered in a choice of frames.
Other options available include additional DVDs, digital download versions of personalised films and Investiture Archive USB sticks containing the film at the highest resolution we can offer. If you need any more information on the above please do contact us.