Kit Hire

After research and testing, we have chosen Panasonic P2 as our new format for the future. Our work at BCA is all about quality and we feel that the P2 system and products in the P2 range will give us this quality. Recognised as the new high end broadcast recording medium, it is now used by broadcasters such as SKY.

As part of our upgrade and largely due to the mobile nature of our operation, we have created the very latest High Definition 12 channel outside broadcast, multi camera production facility setup in a box!

Actually it is contained in two mobile racks. It is all very manoeuvrable and the racks stand just 1.2 metres high. They are accompanied by a flight case containing a 46″ LCD preview and monitoring system.  All the units fit nicely into the back of a VW transporter along with a choice of camera options to suit your production.

As for the twelve input channels, select from the latest in Panasonic P2, full HD camera systems including 7 x Panasonic HPX371 camcorders, 3 x HPX250 camcorders and 4 x HE120K (small and discreet) robotically controlled cameras which record onto the P2 media recording decks, located in one of the racks.

The P2 media workflow not only enables capture of footage at upto 100mb/sec in the latest AVCIntra100 format, but also enables our team of experienced editors to start editing your production as soon as recording has finished. (It is also possible to start work on the edit before the production finishes as the P2 recording system allows hot swapping of the media cards).

Should you require any further information on this equipment, please don’t hesitate to contact us.